Burn Notice

    Episode 33

Signals and Codes


Original air date: 07/09/2009

The episode starts off with Sam and Michael doing surveillance at the airport.  To film this scene they have abandoned the Opa-locka airport that they normally use and instead used the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.  Perhaps they thought we might recognize the Opa-locka control tower as being in Nigeria.

Then we go to Michael’s apartment. After that we go to the airport where Michael cons Linda into letting him copy a file. Michael has to take flight to get away. This was also filmed at Ft. Lauderdale Airport with Port Everglades in the distant background.

As security walks in you can see an actual diagram of Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport on the wall.

Then we go to an indoor pistol range where we meet Spencer. This was filmed at 100 NE 25th St. in Miami.

Then Sam, and Michael talk with Spencer at Carlito’s (set).

 After Spencer is taken away in an ambulance it cuts to a poolside scene where Michael meets with Barry. This was filmed at the Grove Hill Tower.  2645 S. Bayshore Dr. in  Coconut Grove.

Then we go to Michael’s place where Spencer is waiting with Fiona and Sam.

 This leads us to Spencer’s house. Which is located near the indoor range. It looks like they removed the first two digits of the address off the house for filming making location hunting a little trickier. This was filmed at 145 NE 25th Street, Miami.

Next we see Michael, Sam and Spencer on a stake-out. They are sitting at the IMCIFIC National Bank., 1390 Brickell Ave. Miami. They are watching the front door of the Espirito Santo Plaza across the street. The rear door of the Espirito Santo Plaza was used in the movie, Miami Vice 2006.  It posed as the entrance to Mansion nightclub.

Here we are introduced to Shannon Park, Murderer, Traitor.

Then we go inside Shannon’s office.  Location unknown.

Then we return to Michael’s place.

Next we go back to the Ft. Lauderdale airport where we are introduced to Diego Garza, the spy.

Then its back to Shannon’s office to retrieve e-mails from her computer. They get the e-mails but not the code to decipher them.

Then we return to Spencer’s house where we get a better view of the neighborhood.  

Then we return to Espirito Santo plaza where Michael puts his new plan into action.

He takes Shannon to Virgil’s small boat, located at a Marina.  This was filmed behind the studio at the Dinner Key marina between pier 6 and pier 7. This is where the crew met in episode 32, Fearless Leader before pulling of the double cross at the drug lab.

Then we see Sam and Michael talking on the phone.  Sam is at Michael’s place (studio set).

From there we go back to the airport where Michael breaks into the hangar.  

Then we see Sam and Fiona talking on the phone. Sam is still at Michael’s apartment and Fiona is across from the Espirito santo Plaza.  Then we see Shannon talking to her henchman on the phone.  He is across from Spencer’s house, she may be near Espirito Santo Plaza but not enough is seen to be sure.

Sam calls Michael,  Michael is at the studio, on Pan American Drive. This was a tricky one to figure out.  I had to lighten the screen capture considerably to confirm his location.

Fiona arrives at Spencer’s house just ahead of Michael and they get him out just in time.

Then we go to michael’s place (set). Then Michael meets with Shannon again behind the studio at Virgil’s boat.

Then we go to a meet between Michael, Shannon, Spencer and Fiona.  This takes place in an often used lot. Miami Vice used this lot several times including the famous Smuggler’s Blues scene where Trudy is tied up in a trailer with a complicated bomb. Also in Made for Each Other where Noogie and Izzy steal the cement truck. Burn Notice has also used this location before, episode 11, Loose Ends/Dead Drop where Sam snipes from the metro-rail platform. SE 5th St. By S. Miami Ave.

Here Michael tricks Shannon into going into the SCIF room and taking out a copy of the Zydeco decryption key. We then see them enter the SCIF room.  Location unknown, possibly a set.

Then we see Michael and Specer in Shannon’s office. Location unknown.

Then the crew meets at Carlito’s.

From there Michael returns to the Ft. Lauderdale Airport to visit with Diego.

Then we return to Michael’s apartment where Fiona commits to supporting Michael.  The episode ends here.

Blue arrow points to radar tower seen behind Michael.




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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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