Burn notice

 Episode 32

Fearless leader


Original air date:  06/25/2009

The episode starts with Fiona and Michael going on a job to get back money for their client. They pull up and stop in front of a house numbered 555. Detective Paxson shows up and puts a stop to their plans. This was filmed at 555 Lakeview Dr. Miami Beach.

After the teaser we see Michael and Fiona at Carlito’s (rear of studio). They are joined there by Sam.

Then we see them driving west on the MacArthur Causeway with their police tail in tow.

Michael leads the marked police car right into Detective Paxson who is doing surveillance, giving her a taste of her own medicine. This was filmed on W 47th Street just west of Pine Tree Drive. Fortunately there was a street sign visible in the background that I could guess looked like it read Pine Tree Dr. which made this location much easier to find.

Then Michael swings through his mother’s house (studio set) to loose his police tail on his way to meet Sam.

Next we see Michael meet with Sam at a funeral. This looked very fake, a few randomly placed head stones on a flat area of grass. I don’t believe this was filmed at a real cemetery. Location unknown.

Next we see Sam meeting with the I.R.S. auditor. This was filmed at the end of Grove Isle Dr. In Coconut Grove.

Next we see Michael and Fiona at Nikki Beach (S. Sobe Ocean Dr. at 1st St.) checking out the bad guy, Matheson.

They get a warning from Sam and leave in a hurry. They run into Det. Paxson on the way out.  However; they are not walking out of Nikki Beach. They are walking out of South Pointe Plaza.  A nursing and Rehabilitation center at 42 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

I knew where this location was right away because I recognized the yellow apartment building seen in the background (Collins and 1st Street).

Then we go back to Michael’s place.  

Then Michael goes to the dogs. This was filmed at the Mardis Gras dog track (formerly Hollywood Kennel Club). Located at 831 N. Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, Fl.

This is the same track that was used in episode 22 of Miami Vice, Lombard.

Then we go to Madeline’s where Sam is getting audited.

Then they crew has dinner with Tommy in a cheap restaurant,  Location unsure.  This is likely the ll Piccolo Cafe located at 2112 NE 123 Street in Miami.  I have to go there in person to verify this but it is very likely the location.

Then they all go on a job. This was filmed at Royal Cleaners.  2100 NE 123rd St. North Miami.

Then we return to Michael’s apartment. From there we go back to the dogs.  This was filmed at Hialeah park horse racing track. Just inside the entrance to the clubhouse. This is the same place where Miami Vice filmed the flamingos that were shown in the opening montage of every Miami Vice episode.

Below:  fountain seen behind Tommy and Michael.

Then we go to Madeline’s for another audit session.

 Next we go to Carlito’s.

Then we go back to Nikki Beach.

Next, Michael meets Tommy at the Hialeah Park race track.

Then the whole crew meets at the Diner Key Marina near the studio.  Pier 7. They moved the chairs/bench for the filming.

Then we go to 17th and Palm (according to Sam’s call to the police) to pull off the deal. This was filmed near NW 17th Ave. They pull up and park in the 1600 blk. of NW 35th St. The drug lab is 1662 NW 36th Street. Tommy blocks a door down the alley at the rear of Everything Warehouse, 1518 NW 36th Street. A totally different building.

Then when all is done we see Tommy meet and thank Michael. This was likely filmed in the same area but I have not pinned it down yet.  Location unknown.

Then we go to Carlito’s wher Det. Paxson backs off Michael.

Then it is over to Madeline’s where Sam passes his audit.

Then we see Michael and Fiona having dinner.  Location unknown.



Blue arrows

Red arrow points to where they park.

White arrow points to drug lab.

Blue arrow points to where Tommy blocks door.

Black arrow points to the place from which the drug gang members attack.


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Signals and Codes

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org