Devil You Know


Original air date: 03/04/2010

The episode starts out with a brief recap. Then we pick up right where episode 43 ended. Michael is on the side of the bike path near the burning Range Rover (Arch Creek East Preserve, N. Miami). He calls Sam who is still on the outside of the Coconut Grove Convention Center / Burn Notice Studio near what was the main box office entrance.

Michael ask for Sam’s help and then goes on the run. When we first see him running he comes out of the woods onto a road. From the numerous times both Miami Vice and Burn Notice have filmed in this area I recognized it right away. This is on Virginia Key at the waste water treatment facility. This section of road is just north of the famous Jimbo’s.

Then we see an unmarked, black, s.u.v. Chasing Michael. First we see it headed northbound past the main entrance to the waste water treatment facility on Arthur Lamb Jr. Rd.. My picture is from the opposite view point of the Burn Notice camera because I took my picture years before to recreate a shot from Miami Vice.  Episode 66, Viking Bikers From Hell.  Reb speeds past here attempting to get away.

Then we see Michael running, back by Jimbo’s. He must have been running backwards. At the far right of the screen you can see the northern entrance to Jimbo’s.

He continues running further to the north.

Then we see him running with a marked police car directly behind him. He has reversed direction and is headed southbound past where we saw him first come out of the woods. The main entrance to the waste water treatment plant is seen in the background.

Then we see Michael duck back into the trees. The cop gets out to pursuit him and calls in his location as Canal and 155th Street. In reality they have used Miami movie magic to jump from Virginia Key up to North Miami. NE 90th St. near NE 10th CT. He runs into the woods on the north side of the canal that meets NE 90th Street. Michael neutralizes the uniformed officer and heads over to the south side of the canal where he boards a personal watercraft. The unmarked s.u.v. arrives from the south on NE 10th Court and without any justification tries to shoot Michael in the back. Michael escapes into the bay with Miami Beach in the background.

During the shootout it appears that the Tahoe keeps reversing the direction it is pointing. A closer look reveals that they reversed the image several times either on purpose or by mistake. Take a look at the rings on his fingers as he arrives and shoots at Michael. The rings keep switching hands, or rather appear to because the image is being reversed. Note also that in some shots the FM antennae is on the wrong side of the vehicle.

Then we see Michael at a commuter parking lot. He has gotten some rest and new clothing there, and calls Sam.  Sam is at the studio. I am not sure where the commuter lot is but I suspect it may be on he north campus of F.I.U. in N. Miami. I will have to go there to confirm my suspicion. Location unknown.

Then we go to Madeline’s house (studio set). Where the F.B.I. Pressures her to call Michael. She is able to secretly warn him off.

Then we go to the secret emergency emergency meeting place where the gang has a stash of weapons but no yogurt or beer. This was filmed at the old cabanas at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne.

Below is a 1970’s post card showing the cabanas when the county was still operating them. Open for their intended purpose, long  before they became a weapons cache.

Red arrow points to where Michael first exits woods onto roadway.

Blue arrow is where we see Michael running from Jimbo’s.

Purple arrow is where we see black s.u.v. Chasing Michael on split screen.

Green arrow is where we see Michael running toward entrance to waste water plant.

Yellow arrow is where we first see black s.u.v. Responding.

Blue arrow points to first location on Virginia Key.

Red arrow points toward second location where he steals personal watercraft.

Red arrow is where police car turns in.

Black arrow indicates s.u.v.’S route.

Blue arrow is where Michael takes his new ride.

The team walks along the beach at Crandon park and they let Michael know that they are a team and won’t put up with him being a lone wolf anymore.  

Red arrow points to where the weapons cache was located.

At the bottom right of the sat. picture you can see the Goodyear blimp flying over the beach.

This is the same beach where Castillo takes his famous swim at the start of Golden Triangle 2.

Then Michael goes to “Coral Gables” to pick up his car. This was actually filmed at River Walk in Ft. Lauderdale, and I was fortunate enough to be on location as they filmed (08/20/2009).

Michael’s car was parked on SW 1st Ave. just north of West Las Olas Blvd.

I had a nice viewing perch on the walkway overlooking Michael. You cannot see it on film but Michael walks out to an X taped on the ground (under his foot in my picture) stops on the X and then turns to the store.

I must say the cast and crew were very nice. They even brought My wife and I some cold bottled water as we watched, since it was a hot day.

There was a sun screen in the windshield of Michael’s car but with the reflection and speed at which the camera pans past it you can’t really tell without looking for it.  On the sunscreen was written Burn Notice Charger # 2 and some other items so it was good that it was not clear on the show.

Inside the store we meet Simon.

As they leave the store Michael initiates his plan to gain control.  The first thing he does is obtain a phone to alert his team (Sam and Fiona of course).

Then we cut to Madeline’s house where she is still entertaining the F.B.I. Agents. Like a good mom she trust her son and sends them on a wild goose chase up to Broward County.

Then we join Sam and Fiona in her car as they are looking at the hotel bomber’s house. They are parked on NE 90th Street, 8 houses east of NE 10th Court. This is some neighborhood, a bomber across the canal and 8 houses down the street we have a gun “collector” with the right clearance (episode 31, End Run).

They decide to make an entrance.

They take off, but not from where they were parked on NE 90th St. They take off from NE 10th Ave. up by Shoreland Blvd. (NE 96th St.) The  house seen in the background is located on the SE corner of that intersection.

Then southbound on NE 10th Ave to NE 89th St. with two more marked police cars visible in the background blocking traffic.

Then they skid onto NE 89th St. Headed east.

Then it jumps to N. Bayshore DR. Eastbound and then they turn into the bomber’s house. Well not exactly. Burn Notice has dressed the car port up to look like an interior living space. So Fiona is really only driving into the house’s car port, not actually destroying the house.

Then they blow by a cop but the cop does not chase them. I guess that is because they are there to block traffic and we are not suppose to see him. Not the first time Burn notice has been sloppy in that area. They are traveling northbound on NE 10th Ave. between NE 95th St. and Shoreland Blvd.  

Then we see Michael sneaking back into his place. They park on the Miami River behind the Hyatt Regency Miami. He is given a mere ten minutes to swim almost three miles round trip and still have time to sneak into his place and take what he needs. 1.4 mile swim each way and he starts off swimming in the wrong direction.

Then it cuts to the studio to the set of Michael’s place.

Michael contacts Management and clues them in. Then he returns to where he entered the water behind the Hyatt.

The chase is on.

They are first seen headed west on NW 3rd St. toward the Scottish Rite (seen in Miami Vice 2006).  

Then they turn onto NW N. River Dr. and  repeatedly travel over the stretch of NW North River Drive by Fort Dallas.  

Simon induces a rack truck to tip over and both of the clown cars crash into it, ending the chase.

Then we go to Madeline’s (set) where the F.B.I. has finally figured out that Madeline sent them on a wild goose chase.

Next we go to The Epic Hotel per the dialog and in reality that’s where they filmed, 270 Biscayne Blvd. Fiona and Sam are tracking down the bomb.

Simon drops Michael off after he has gotten him to do what he needed. He drops him near the pink house (Miami Vice, No Exit). He is dropped at the intersection of North Bayshore Dr. and Shoreland Blvd.

Michael contacts Sam who is just leaving the Epic.  

Then we cut back to Madeline’s where she refuses to buy into their lies.  So they arrest her without a charge.

Then we se our trio all back at the Epic Hotel. They are looking down at Rivergate Plaza which is supposed to be the Government building where Michael is suppose to bring Management.

Then we see management flying over Virginia Key, out in the bay and over Miami.

Then we see Michael by the Heli-pad. This was filmed in Ft. Lauderdale at a private heli-pad located at SE 2nd Street and SE 1st Ave., 2 blocks from where Michael first met Simon.

Simon blows up the helicopter. The actual explosion was filmed on Virginia Key at the old marine stadium and computer editing placed it on the heli-pad in Ft. Lauderdale.

Thanks to Sam’s knife, Michael gets away.

Michael steals a truck and takes off after Simon. He heads north on SE 1st Ave. in Ft. Lauderdale.

Then we see him running alongside the ambulance. Michael is driving through a parking lot for the old Miami Arena and Simon is driving northbound on NW 1st Ave. in Miami approaching NW 8th Street.  Rubble from the old arena can be seen in the background.

Then he crashes thru the fence near NW 8th St. They continue up NW 1st Ave. past NW 8th St. and turn right (eastbound) on NW 9th St. Simon shakes his wounded hand out the window of the ambulance, then magically we are now in Coconut Grove passing Virginia St. on Oak Ave.

Then Simon turn southbound on Rice St. from Oak Ave.  Michael held up by traffic, backs up and heads down the parallel alley behind 3339 Virginia St.

Michael crashes into the ambulance where the alley meets Rice St.  Michael did well to travel down a narrow alley, make a tight 90 degree turn while covering twice as much distance as Simon who was on a main road. Michael captures Simon and Management convinces Michael not to kill Simon.

This is a very violent intersection.  Not only does Michael beat up Simon here but earlier in episode 9, Hard Bargain, Fiona uses a stun gun to capture one of the kidnappers in this same location.

Episode 9, Hard Bargain.

Then we go to what looks like a set, where the F.B.I. Is holding Madeline who they had kidnapped.  Location unsure, probably a set.

Then it cuts to the secret holding facility where they are bringing Michael in to stay. I believe this was filmed at the City Of Miami Fire Rescue Training Center located at 3425 Jefferson St. In Coconut Grove. I have not yet confirmed this but if you can please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode ends with Michael in a fairly nice room and Madeline being worked up about Michael’s location.  Location unknown.



Then southbound on NE 10th Ave. passing NE 94th St.

Red arrow points to store.

Blue arrow points toward Michael’s car.





If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org