EPISODE 45




Original air date:  06/03/2010

Filming for this episode  was done from March 24 through April 1 of 2010.

The season premiere starts off with a brief recap of what had happened previously on Burn Notice and then picks up right where season 3 had left off.  With Michael sitting in the same, nice room within a secret detention facility. Filming location unknown.

If you know where this or any other unknown filming location was filmed, please let me know at cgilde@floridamovielocations.org

Here we see Michael talk with Vaughn who is definitely not Michael’s friend.  Location unknown.

Then we see Michael in his cell, going over documents. This may have been a set or it may have been filmed at 2200 NW 7th Ave. in Miami.  The South Florida Evaluation Center. The windows match up but that is not enough for me to confirm the location. Location unsure.

Then we see Michael go outside, into the yard to meet with Vaughn. This was filmed at the South Florida Evaluation Center, 2200 NW 7th Ave., Miami.

Next we see Michael go with Vaughn and his team to see Gregory Hart, the arms dealer. First we see some generic tropical settings and a helicopter landing in the mountains. Location unknown.

Then we go inside Hart’s camp. This was filmed at the Monkey Jungle complex, 14805 SW 216th St. Miami.

The meeting does not go so well and concludes with a drone attack.  This ends the teaser.

Act 1 starts off with Michael and Vaughn back in Miami. They are in Vaughn’s Miami pad with Vaughn looking out at a boat party. This was filmed near the studio in Coconut Grove at the end of Darwin St. At the Shake A Leg Miami Center, in their open air lunch room. My visit there left me impressed with how nice they are and how valuable their organization is. For more info. Check out their web site- http://www.shakealegmiami.org/

Then we see a brief flyover sequence:

Hibiscus Island with Venetian Islands in the background.

Brickell Key

And then Madeline’s home.

Then we go inside Madeline’s home to see Michael’s return. This was filmed on the set inside the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Then we see Michael go to Fiona’s. The apartment we first saw in episode 35, Shots In The Dark. 3162 Jackson Ave., Coconut Grove.  This appears to be a re-used footage.

Goof: They leave Fiona’s but there is a problem. Someone has taken Michael’s car. Where is Michael’s car. It is not where he just parked it.

Then we arrive at the Lawyer’s/Client’s house. Location unknown.  Filming permits were drawn for a location referred to as the “Grover Home” which may be this house but I have thus far, failed to locate it.

After Michael gets rid of the problem temporarily, we cut to the outside of Michael’s place. A set at the rear of the C.G.C.C. Studio.

Then we go inside the studio to the set of Michael’s loft.

Then we go to Carlito’s to meet with Barry. This is also a set at the rear of the studio.

Reverse view

From there we go to the Breaker’s biker bar. This was filmed at the Red Land Tavern, 17701 SW 232nd Street, Cutler Bay, Fl.

Fiona steals the account numbers they need and escapes out a vent. This was all filmed at Redland Tavern up to the point she was seen running away. The part where she is seen running away was filmed at the rear of the studio.

Then we return to Michael’s loft (studio set).

While at the loft, Michael receives a call from Vaughn. At this point we are seeing a flyover of Biscayne Bay looking south past Star Island (right side).

Then we cut to Vaughn’s place in Coconut Grove. Filmed on location at Shake A Leg Miami at the end of Darwin St.

We cut from Michael’s place to see a flyover of Star Island.

Then we go to Big Ed’s girlfriend’s house. This was filmed at the east end of NE 72nd Street in Miami.

After getting things under control inside the house, Michael calls Fi. Fiona is outside the Redland Tavern keeping watch on the gang.

Things don’t go exactly as planned and they have to rescue Big Ed. They take off down NE 72nd Street being chased by three bikers.

Goof:  As they take off we see a view inside the car. They are passing a parked F-150. A couple seconds later as we see the bikers come after the the car, the car is well before the parked truck.

Then it cuts and we are on Watson Island headed westbound toward Chalk’s Airline.

This is the same location we saw in Give A Little, Take A Little, episode 10 of Miami Vice. That chase went down the same road in the opposite direction.

We see them pass by Chalk’s as they turn northbound.

Goof:  As they head down the road there are orange cones clearly visible across the roadway to block people so no one will park in the way of the filming.

They head north past the old marina.

This is the same location we saw used in the teaser of Lombard.  Episode 22 of Miami Vice.

Miami Vice; Ep. 22, Lombard

Miami Vice Ep. 10 Give A Little, Take A Little

Goof:  The rear window was shot out but now there is a fake window in it’s place because the interior, dialog cuts were filmed at the studio and the background had to be blurred.

Up to this point the chase could have made sense in real life geography but now they start backtracking or running circles on the island. We see them pass Chalk’s again.

Then they are back westbound where we first saw them on the island.

Michael calls Fiona who is still outside the Redland Tavern. She goes into action to draw the bikers out and chase her.  Then we See Sam drive by Chalk’s again.

Then we see them approach Chalk’s one more time. Then by the marina again.

Then we see the bikers northbound on SW 140th Ave. all the way down in Princeton,FL.

While looking back at the motorcycle they are on SW 140th Ave. However; when they look forward at Sam’s car they are back on Watson Island driving toward the MacArthur Causeway Bridge. He shoots at the car while on SW 140th Ave., and hits it on Watson Island 22.73 straight line miles away.

We see Hunter back on SW 140th Ave. again and Sam drives by the marina again.

Then back along the south side headed west toward Chalk’s again.

Then we cut to Fiona leading the gang westbound over SW 240th Street in Princeton.

Then back to Sam who is still driving circles around Watson Island.

Then a left turn that leads under the bridge.

We see one of the bikers go down near the bridge.

Then we see them on the north side of the highway driving east past Jungle Island.

Then as Michael is out of ammo it cuts to SW 140th Ave. northbound passing SW 244th St.

Then we see Sam turn from eastbound on SW 248th Street onto SW 140th Ave. northbound.

Sam pulls a quick U-turn and heads back toward his pursuers. This was filmed on SW 240th Street between SW 140th Ave. and SW 137th Ave.

Near the corner of SW 240th Street and SW 137th Ave. they cut off  Hunter and end the pursuit.

Problem solved we cut to a tattoo parlor where Winston is getting marked. This was filmed at a fake parlor set up inside the Redland Tavern.

Then we go to Madeline’s house where she and Michael talk. This was filmed on set at the C.G.C.C. Studio.

Miami Vice filmed just feet away for the episode Forgive Us Our Debts. Pink arrow.

Michael meets Vaughn in the yard. Red arrow.


Party boat


Rivo Alto

Di Lido

Then we see Michael arrive, where I do not know. It is not near Fiona’s apartment. Location unknown.

Then they are seen driving along a street.  Location unknown.

Big Ed’s

Buildings seen in background

Maneuver starts

Maneuver stops pursuit

The interior of Fiona’s apartment was filmed on set at the studio.

Next we see Michael break into a federal building. This was filmed at the same building that was used as the secret holding facility at the beginning of the episode. The South Florida Evaluation Center, 2200 NW 7th Ave. This results in the burning of another spy.

Then we go to Michael’s loft (set) where the episode ends.






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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org