Burn Notice

   Episode 43

Good Intentions


Original air date:  02/25/2010

Filming took place the second week of August, 2009


The episode starts with Michael standing at the Grove Key Marina boat ramp aside Scotty’s Landing. Sam is there in a very poorly chosen sniper position. Michael meets Gilroy and goes for a ride.

They go to a rural area to buy or really steal a .50 cal. machine gun. On the way there they show a quick flyover of the Key Biscayne Yacht Club and then the waste water treatment facility on Virginia Key. Neither are related to the actual location where they steal the machine gun.

Gilroy drops Michael back at the Grove Key Marina and then Michael returns home (set).

From there Sam and Fiona head to Carlito’s (set) to meet Coleman, a new client.

Then we see Michael meet with Agents Lane and Harris. I believe this was filmed on the FIU Campus, at the south end near the Kovens Conference Center. I have to go there to confirm the location.

Then we go to Madeline’s house (set) briefly where Sam bugs Fiona’s phone.

 Then we head to the job with Fiona and Sam. Address on house appears to be 505 but the real address is between 4900 and 5000. Hammock Park Dr. Coral Gables.

Because of Coleman’s stupid lies in his resume, Sam has to go into action,  he calls Michael to prepare the passport edit and then he takes some delaying action. He pulls his S.U.V. Across the road blocking traffic. This was filmed as Sam drove eastbound on Day Ave. in Coconut Grove. As he gets to Virginia Street he pulls across the road. The street signs are thankfully clearly visible in the scene.

Then we see Michael at Fiona’s (set) working on the passport.

The thugs verify her passport checks out.  We then see our trio at Fiona’s (set).

From their we head back to Gabriel’s mansion on Hammock Park Drive. When he gets more suspicious and takes Fiona for a ride, he speeds away from the house.  Here we get a brief glimpse of a street sign which is how I located the house.

They drive down a rural road passing over the same stretch a few times. This location would be near impossible to find had they not used the same location in episode 45, Friends and Enemies. After watching that episode I recognized this location.  SW 240th Street in Princeton, Florida. They are headed eastbound toward SW 137th Ave.

Then south on a dead end street on the west side of the main road in Matheson Hammock County Park. He skids to a stop (parking brake) and forces Fiona out of the car and under the bridge.

Michael and Sam arrive across the way at the Marina.

From there Fiona goes to lunch with Gabriel. It took some work to figure this one out. The place is now closed. This was filmed at Cielo Garden and Supper Club,  3390 Mary St. Coconut Grove.

While there she steals a phone and calls Michael from the ladies room. Thanks to Karendipitee on the USA Burn Notice Board we know this was filmed on Mary St across from Florida Ave. In Coconut Grove.

Then we go to Madeline’s where Sam prepares a package.

Then we see Sam deliver the package to Gabriel’s house.

Then we see Michael and Gilroy meeting at a bridge.  This looks like a regular bridge but was in fact just a bike path bridge with a fake section added on to look like a road so it could later be blown up. This was filmed in Arch Creek East Preserve, N. Miami.

Fiona picks up her package as they head out. Sam and Michael follow. Based on the frosted over windows and jerky camera it appears the car was not moving and this was all shot at the studio.  

They pull up and stop at the same location where we had seen them talking to Fiona on the stolen phone earlier. Mary St. near Florida Ave. What gives this location away is that I could see what appeared to be the Mayfair shops in the background, and then when Michael opens his door we can see the distinctive Ritz-Carlton buildings in the reflection.

Then we go inside the same restaurant where Fiona is waiting for the mark or John who is the mark. Michael saves the day by starting a grease fire.

Gabriel is not happy and speeds off down the same unknown road. They partially block out the front plate which is an advertisement for the Prestige automobile dealership in Miami.

They stop at some abandoned buildings underneath a water tower. Thanks to Karendipitee on the Burn Notice board we now know that this was filmed in Princeton, at SW 238th Street and West Dixie Highway. Very near where they stole the machine gun.

Sam is tracking her.  His screen indicates she is on NW 71st Street by Area 226 Park.

Michael and Sam arrive to save Fiona as things get heated.

Then we return to Fiona’s.

Next Sam and Michael set off to take care of Gilroy business.  Michael sets up the bridge to blow.

Sam calls from the airport to update Michael. This was filmed at the studio.

Then we see the jet has landed. This was generated by computer. They are on the North campus of F.I.U. near where Michael had earlier met with Agents Lane and Harris.

Michael blows the bridge at Arch Creek East Preserve near the north campus of F.I.U.  

Michael makes a run for it down the bike path (westbound). He runs to Gilroy’s truck, only to find him shot and locked to a bomb. Gilroy explodes but not before telling Michael that Simon is back in town looking for him. Simon was the prisoner.

Michael and Sam

Sam and Michael


Blue arrows indicate police cars approach.

Purple arrows point to where Gilroy was parked.

Red arrow points toward bridge.

Green arrow points where Michael is running away.




As they leave the house the front plate is advertising the dealership, Prestige Imports of N. Miami Beach. Later we see it partially blocked out.


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Devil You Know.

They steal the machine gun at a deserted development located in Princeton just a little off US 1/ S. Dixie Highway at the intersection of SW 133rd Avenue and Tropical Avenue.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org