Burn Notice

 Episode 40

Noble Causes


The episode starts with Michael going to meet with Gilroy. Sam is helping Michael. The first establishing shot was filmed at Bayside Shops where Michael had meet with Carla in episode 14, Turn and Burn. This is re-used footage from Turn and Burn since the extras are the same and are wearing the same clothing.

Noble Causes

Turn and Burn

Then we cut to the design district, NE 1st Court at NE 39th Street to the restaurant we saw in episode 17, Scatter point.  Where Fiona attempts to get Gilbert the safe cracker arrested. The area we see Sam in here we first saw in episode 3, Fight or Flight where Sam and Fiona were parked recording a conversation. Michael enters the restaurant, Brosia, at 163 NE 39th Street.

Inside, Michael meets with Gilroy, and then Claude. Michael learns that Gilroy wants Michael to work with Claude. Michael has other ideas but keeps his cool.

Next we go back to Michael’s (exterior set at the rear of the studio) where he talks the situation over with Fiona.

Then Sugar shows up looking for help.

Then Michael gets called to his mother’s house (inside the studio). There we learn she is getting an award for reporting stolen cars, that Michael had stolen, and she wants him to attend the ceremony. Then we go back to Michael’s place (interior set at studio) where Fiona pressures him to help Sugar.

Then we see Michael meet with Sugar and let him know that he would help but only if it were done his way. This was filmed near the studio at the Seminole boat ramp. We last saw this location in episode 37, Long Way Back where Michael and Sam loaded a van with weapons here as part of their plan. We also saw this location used in episode 28 Lesser Evil where Fiona is seen completing a deal and in episode 6, Unpaid Debts where we see them pull the boat they repossed out of the water.

Then our trio does some investigating of Lynch at his residence. Lynch’s crew leaves and Fiona breaks in and plants a bug. This was filmed on Pine Ave., at the intersection of SW 37th Ave. in Coconut Grove.

Michael tails Lynch and his crew. This was filmed in Coconut Grove. They turn from going northbound on Brooker Street to going eastbound on Washington Ave.

Sam watches from the bench. This was filmed on SW 37 Ave opposite Pine Ave.

This leads us to where Sugar is held up at his stash house.  Michael has to save the day. This was filmed at 3735 Washington Ave. in Coconut Grove.

Then we go back to Michael’s place to re-group before Michael goes out and meets with Gilroy and Claude. During the meeting Michael quips that maybe they should get jerseys. From the look of his and Gilroy’s shirt they already are dressed alike.

The meet was filmed on NE 40th Street at NE 2nd Ave. In the screen capture below we can see the old Post Office in the background.  

Next we see Sam at Dougies work place where he meets Dougie to establish a relationship and dig for information.  Location unknown.  Believed to be in Hialeah.

Then Fiona goes to a party at Lynch’s house.  

Then we see Sam and Michael outside La Covacha waiting to intercept Bolo. This was filmed at La Covacha, 10730 NW 25th Street by NW 107th Ave., in Doral.

Inside the club Sam lures Bolo to the back of the club where Michael injects him with the poison “Methyl chlorate benzanide” otherwise known as blue sports drink.

Now if he wants to live he has to do as they say and they say Michael is the guy he is to introduce to Lynch.

There they learn that Lynch wants a jaws of life to cut into something.

Then we go to Carlito’s where our trio discuss what they know.

Next we see Michael go to his mother’s house where he disappoints her by letting her know he can’t make her award reception. Then we go to Dougie’s flower warehouse where Sam gets the delivery schedule for the next two weeks from a very gullible manager.

Then we go to the Chilean Consulate (NE 40th Street) where Michael goes into action sabotaging potential climbing assist.

Then we see Michael go the the Firefighter training academy to steal a set of jaws of life. This was filmed at the training academy located at 3425 Jefferson Street, Coconut Groove.

Then we go to Michael’s place where Sam and Fiona arrive and let Michael know they have figured out where Lynch is going to strike. The Hotel Milano on the river.

Then we see Michael deliver the jaws of life to Lynch, Location unknown, near the flower warehouse.

Then we go back to Michael’s where they try to figure out what they missed.

They realize the hit will be an armored car at Dougie’s flower warehouse. Then we see the team go into action.  

They stop the robbery and then go and visit Sugar.  Sugar’s hospital room looks like a set at the studio.

Then we go to NE 40th Street again outside the Chilean consulate where Michael is creating a diversion.

Then he goes into the alley with Claude. Claude climbs up the outside of the building to break in until he reaches the point where Michael had lubed his hand hold. Down comes Claude.

Then we go to Madeline’s award ceremony where Michael shows up. This was filmed outside the studio on the north side of the C.G.C.C..

Then Michael meets with Gilroy at a restaurant. There we learn that Claude did not survive his broken ankle.  Location unknown.

The episode ends in the restaurant.


Original air date:  02/04/2010.

Filming for this episode was done the week of July 13, 2009.

Lesser Evil

Unpaid Debts

Blue arrow points to where Sam and Michael were parked.

Red arrow points to Lynch’s house.

White arrow points to Sam’s bus stop.

Red arrow points to the fire academy.

White arrows indicate route that they drove.

Blue arrow points to Sugar’s place.



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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocaions.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org