Original air date:  01/28/2009

Filming took place the second week of July, 2009.  The filming on NW 17th Ave was done on Monday July 6th through Wednesday July 8.

The episode starts out with Michael and Fiona at the Hilton Fontainebleau. They are there so Michael can meet with Gilroy.

Next we go to Madeline’s house (studio set). We are introduced to Mack, Sam’s former friend. They head to Carlito’s (studio set) for a beer. There Mack becomes the client and we return to Madeline’s.

From there we leave the studio and go out on location. We go to NW 17th Ave. at NW 17th Street. We see a street vendor in front of the Riviera Supermarket, some people hanging out and street dealers.

Fiona is parked on the east side of NW 17th Ave. just south of 17th Street, and sees the bad guy, Rincon arrive.

Sam and Mack are also parked on the east side of NW 17th Ave. They are parked near the intersection with NW 15th Road and the Guadalupe Dollars Store can be seen in the background.

As Sam and Fiona approach Rincon the people think thay are cops and signal an alert that scares all the bad guys including Rincon off the streets. Rincon runs west on NW 17th Street and then north thru the parking lot behind the Riviera Supermarket. He gets away. Fiona and Sam steal a car to show the neighborhood that they are not constables.

We go back to Michael’s place (studio set) just long enough to get Michael involved in the case. Then we return to NW 17th Ave. where we meet Omar, King of the Barrio.

Here Michael starts his Clint Eastwood imitation. Sam plants a bug and tracker in Omar’s car. Then we return to Madeline’s where we see Mack tracking Omar. Surprisingly the map on the tracker is accurate to the real life location.

Then we return to the barrio. Sam and Michael are parked across from Lago Market. In real life this is Santa Barbara Produce, 1818 NW 17th Ave., Miami.

This leads us to Omar’s warehouse. This was filmed in the 2100 block of NW Miami Court. Sam preps the door from the roof. Fiona assist from higher up on the roof and Gilroy watches from down the street just north of NW 22nd Street.  Michael gets the van and heads north. He turns onto NW 22nd Street and drives by Whittall and Shon at 2150 NW Miami Court which is what showed me where this was filmed.

Then we see Michael stop and confront Gilroy who had been following Michael. This was filmed on NW 22nd Street at approximately #70 just west of NW Miami Court.

Then we go to Michael’s place where Fi has been waiting.

From there we return to NW 17th Ave. We see Omar walk out of 1750 NW 17th Ave where he is confronted by Michael.  Michael motivates him to find Rincon.

Then we return to Madeline’s house where she talks to Sam about Mack.

Then we see Michael return to NW Miami Court where he finds out where Rincon is hiding.  The dialog says West 15th. The dialog is close. It is on NW 15th Ave. There is a green house seen in the background a few times and at one point the address can be seen just barely well enough to see that it is 1462.  

The information is a set up and our gang has to shoot their way out.  The charger is parked on NW 15th Street. They get away headed east toward NW 14th Ave. .

Then we return to Michael’s where Fiona informs them that the set up was not Omar’s fault and that he was also in trouble.

Then Michael goes to Omar’s warehouse on NW Miami Court.

From there we go to Michael’s where we prepare to go to Vega’s.  After making the necessary preparations we see Omar delivering Michael to Vega’s.  This was filmed at 1848/1860 NW 17th Ave.  Michael of course wins out, captures Rincon and leaves Omar in control of Vega.  

The address 1901 visible on the Bail Bonds building across the street is what showed me where this location is.

Then we go to Madeline’s house where Mack and Sam are on the road to friendship again and Sam is back to his old drinking self.  

Then we see Michael closing the case with Omar. This was filmed at Riviera Botanica on the SW corner of the intersection of NW 17th Ave. and NW 18th Street.




Then we see Fiona and Michael back at the Hilton Fountainebleau where they have a little r+r before there next mission.

The next morning Gilroy calls Michael. Gilroy is at a small marina but not enough is shown to determine it’s location.

Red arrow points to where Fiona was parked.

White arrow points to where street vendor was located.

Blue arrow points to where kids were hanging out in front of building.

Green arrow is where Rincon escapes.

Yellow arrow points to where Sam and Mack are parked.

Red arrow points to where van was.

White arrow points to Whittall and Shon.

Blue arrow points to where Gilroy was parked.


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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org