Original air date: 08/06/2009

The episode starts with a quick review of the Strickler arc. Then we see Michael in his apartment contemplating the Fiona situation when she comes in. They have a brief talk and she leaves.

Then we go to Carlito’s (studio set) where Michael meets with Diego.

From there we go to Fiona’s place.  3162 Jackson Ave., Coconut Grove.  There we meet Fiona’s brother, Sean.

While there we learn that Fiona’s life is in danger.  Thomas O’Neill arrives on the scene with a team and is going after Fi.

Luckily the team is unorganized or untrained. This allows Michael, Fiona and Sean to escape out the back. They run onto Gifford Lane where Sean shoots at one of the bad guys. The bad guy was positioned on Jackson Ave. at the intersection with Gifford lane.

They run down a green way. Sean steals a car, and they all getaway.  Location unknown.

Next we see them pull up to a house that Sam has found for them. Thanks to Karendipitee on the Burn Notice message board we now know that this was filmed at 5940 SW 108th Street in Pinecrest, Fl. This property has since been purchased by Penny Hardaway of NBA fame. Thanks Karen.

Then Michael goes to Strickler’s house. This was filmed in the SoFi area of South Beach at the Murano at Portofino, 1000 South Pointe Drive.

Michael realizes things are not going to go down the right path with Strickler but leaves without confronting him.

Next we see Michael and Sam at Madeline’s house where Michael learns that his mother is thinking of selling the house.

From there we go to sobe to O’Neill’s place. Sam and Michael find that Fiona and Sean are not following the game plan and have stepped out on their own right into an ambush. Michael decides to interrupt the attack by driving Ms. Reynold’s Buick off the top of the parking garage.  Fortunately it was not the real car they destroyed. This was filmed on South Beach, West Ave. at 6th Street. O’Neil’s building is a new building but the location is the same location that we saw Crockett and Tubbs meet secretly with Castillo and DEA Agent, Ed Waters in the Miami Vice episode, Smuggler’s Blues.

Next we return to Michael’s place where Fiona and Sean apologize.

Then we see Michael invite himself to a meeting with O’Neil. This was filmed at what looks like Monty’s South Beach. I will have to go there in person to confirm this.

Then we go to Madeline’s house where Strickler arrives to give Michael his study materials.

Then we go to the safe house. Filmed on location at 5940 SW 108th Street.

Then we see Michael meet with O’neil and his team. This was filmed at the Diner Key Marina near the studio.

Then we go to Michael’s place (set) where they prepare a bomb, O’Neil style. Then we see Michael at his mother’s house (set).

Next we see Michael and Sam prepare the van. This was filmed at the west end of the Seminole Boat Ramp near the studio.

Then we go to the safe house. There, O’Neil attacks and takes Fiona.

Next we see O’Neil bring Fiona to a shed on the water. This was filmed in Oleta State park (also used in the filming of the Porky’s trilogy) at the southern tip of the beach area.

Then we see Michael go to Strickler’s at the Miami Beach Marina.  Michael sanctions Strickler and leaves.  He picks up Sam and heads to where they are holding Fiona ( Oleta State Park).

They rescue Fiona, and then return to Madeline’s house where she has decided not to sell the house.

There Michael gets a call from Diego insisting on a meeting because they are both in danger.  

Michael heads over to Diego’s place, “3732 Brighton Ave., apartment 412.”  This was actually filmed at 1000 South Pointe Drive, the Murano at Portifino.  This is the same building in which Strickler was staying.  

Michael does not get there in time.  Diego has left the building, dead. The episode ends here.





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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org