EPISODE 36



The episode starts out at Michael’s apartment (studio set).  

Original air date: 07/30/2009

Strickler arrives and takes Michael for a ride. We see them stop on a bridge over the Miami River. This was filmed on the SW 1st Street bridge. They pull up from the west side of the bridge and the building that blows up is on the north side with the W. Flagler Street bridge in the background. This is the same bridge from which we saw Fiona jump, in episode 12, Loose Ends.  

Next we see Michael go to his mother’s house (studio set), and it is still raining.  

Then we see Fiona and Michael meet Barry at Carlito’s (studio set). We learn that someone has stolen Barry’s client ledger and Barry needs Michael and Fiona’s help.

Then we see Sam put Madeline in play doing surveillance at the Wages Motel.  Location unknown. If you recognize where this or any other location that I do not know is please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Next we meet Amy.  Thanks to Karendipitee who directed me to a Grapevine article about the filming of this scene.  This scene was shot on location at 3151 Ohio Street in Coconut Grove.                            Amy also meets Fiona.

Next we see Michael and Sam break into a house while Fiona acts as the look out from a park across the street. Thanks to the house number, 3299 being clearly visible on the house, seeing that Fiona was in a park and the house had a rectangular shaped pool, this location was easy to find. Under a minute thanks to Google Earth. 3299 Oak Ave., Coconut Grove.

After kidnapping the man and woman, we see Michael and Sam meet with Barry at Carlito’s.

Then we see Fiona, Sam, and Michael loading the kidnapped couple into the Buick at Michael’s place (rear of studio). There Michael gets a call from his mother. She has spotted the cleaner going into the Wages Motel. Location unknown.

Michael sends Fiona to tail the cleaner while he goes to Miss Reynolds love villa to help Sam with the interrogation of the couple. The interrogation house is located at the end of Stewart Ave. in Coconut Grove. 3560 Stewart Ave.

Then we see Fiona and Michael break into a condo that is stated to be near the airport.  Location unknown. There they break into a safe and obtain the bad guy’s identification.

Then they return to the interrogation house. From there we see Fiona and Michael go to a park along the river to meet with Strickler. This was filmed at Jose Marti Park on the Miami River.  This location was used many times in Miami Vice including season one’s No Exit and Rites of Passage. SW 4th Ave. from SW 4th St. to SW 2nd St.

Then we see that Fiona has return to the interrogation house.  She learns about a store front from Natalie.  

Then we see Michael and Sam go to the store, a locksmith shop. This is a set built just inside the large garage door at the SE corner of the studio. We first saw this location in episode 29, Friends and Family. There it was used as the exterior of Rufino Cortez’s club where we saw Michael and Harlan running. Later in the same episode this location was the Miami Metro Solid Waste Facility.

Then it cuts back to the interrogation house briefly before we see Sam and Michael speeding toward the house. We first see them on W. Flagler street approaching SW South River Drive.

Then southbound on NW South River Drive in the 170 block headed back toward W. Flagler Street.

Then it cuts back to the house where we see Fiona acting stupidly and allowing Natalie to turn the volume down on Fiona’s phone. It then cuts back to the Buick which is back on W. Flagler Street again headed eastbound toward NW/SW South River Drive.

They turn north on NW South River Drive. They drive by the poor house for elderly (524 NW 1st Street) which was seen a few seconds earlier in the background as they had been southbound on this same road seconds before.

It cuts back to the interrogation house. Then back to the Buick which is seen headed north on NW South River drive past the poor house again.

They talk to Barry on the phone as they continue north on NW South River Drive in the same spot we first saw them headed south on NW South River Dr.  

Past the poor house and NW 1st Street 6 more times before we return to the house and see Fiona has taken the handcuffs off the ringleader.

Michael thinks quickly and puts a new plan into action. They let Natalie go and give her the slower Lesabre so they can tail her.

Barry is in position waiting down the road to start the tail. Actually he is closer to the house that we had seen Sam and Michael break into earlier in the episode.  He is parked on Shipping Ave. at the rotary intersection with Virginia Street. He is stopped on the east side of the intersection. She drives north up Virginia Street, goes around the rotary and heads west on Shipping Avenue, “Sherman way” according to the dialog.

Then we see Michael drive by a building in a car he just stole.  Location unknown.

Then it shows him driving SE on NW North River Drive past Fort Dallas.

Then we see Natalie right behind him driving SE on NW North River Drive passing the Scottish Rite Building and approaching Fort Dallas. The Scottish Rite Building was used in Miami Vice 2006. This is where the first meet was set to take place near the end of the movie.

Miami Vice 2006

As they head under SW 1st Street Sam makes a major blunder by pulling alongside Michael only a few feet behind Natalie. In real life this would have blown the tail.

“She’s turning into South Pointe Park”. Really she just turned from SW 3rd Street onto SW 2nd Avenue, headed south. The hi-rise seen over the bridge is on the location where the Miami Vice O.C.B building was located (for exterior shots).

Then we see Natalie sitting at the end of Washington Ave., SoFi.  In the park along Government Cut.

This street vendor gets around. At least Fiona did not try to steal his tip jar again.

The crew watches Natalie exchange keys with a male bicyclist and then watch him obtain the ledger from a locker at station #2.

Sam and Michael take down the bicyclist and recover Barry’s ledger (with his name on it, lol). Fiona catches up with Natalie on Washington Avenue at the entrance to Smith and Wollensky’s. There she gives her a nice punch but again is careless and lets Natalie get away.

Then we see Michael give Barry back his ledger at Madeline’s house (studio set). Then we see Michael and Fiona at Michael’s place where Fiona walks out on Michael not wanting to enable Michael to work for Strickler.

Then we see Michael at Jose Marti Park taking pictures of the arms deal.

Then we see Michael back at his place giving the pictures to Strickler.  While there Diego calls for Michael. It looks like Diego is calling from the locksmith shop set but I have not confirmed this. Location unsure.

The episode ends with a nice view of Miami and the area where we watched the crew tail Natalie.



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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org