Burn Notice

Episode 35/307

Shots In The Dark


Original air date:  07/23/2009

The episode starts out at night with Michael and Fiona returning to Michael’s place. They are greeted by an unknown woman who gives Michael a bag from Strickler. This was filmed on the set at the rear of the studio.

Next we go to Strickler’s boat where Michael returns the present. This was filmed behind the Chart House near the studio. The same location we saw in the previous episode.

Next we go to the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. We see Florida Power and Light’s Port Everglades power plant featured in the background as the scene starts.

Michael goes to the same airplane hangar that we saw in episode 33, Signals and Codes. Here he sneaks in and meets with Diego, his contact.

Then we see Michael and Fiona walking up to Fiona’s place. This was filmed at 3162 Jackson Ave., Coconut Grove.

A teenage boy has broken into Fiona’s place and he flees. Michael chases him out the back and catches him still on the property. We then see all three of them sitting in Fiona’s place. It appears that the interior of Fiona’s was all filmed on location but it is possible (but unlikely in this case) that a set was constructed for filming.

Next we see Sam driving Michael in the Buick. They are westbound on NE 29th Street crossing the railroad tracks near Midtown Blvd. This was filmed about 11:00 in the morning based on the shadows.

Then we see them pull up outside Carlito’s at the rear of the studio.


Then we see Michael and Sam, pool side. Location unknown.

We are introduced to Erik Luna , he is on a golf course. location unknown.

Then we see Fiona and Madeline helping April and her sons temporarily move out. This was filmed at 3060 Matilda Street in the Grove.

Then we go to Madeline’s house (a studio set).

This leads us to Michael paying a visit to Erik at his office.  Location unknown. Goof: While there Michael smashes the phone with Erik’s putter. This was not the first take. When we see the phone just before he hits it we can see that it is already damaged. The damage appears consistent with a hit from a putter. The phone is also without power, it is not connected.

Then we return to Madeline’s (studio set).

Next we see Michael working on the lights in the parking lot of the country club while Fiona works to disable Erik’s car. The real life location of this filming was unknown for some time but now, thanks to Bradley Z. of Miami we now know that this was filmed in the main parking lot of the Fairchild Tropical Gardens, 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables. Thank you, Bradley Z for taking the time and effort to e-mail me this information so I could add it to the site for the edification of all.

They scare Erik enough that he calls Michael. Next we see them meeting at an ocean side restaurant. This was filmed in Dania Beach at the Beach Watch Restaurant on the Dania Beach Pier.  This is the same pier that we saw in episode 2, Identity.

Then we see Michael plant a monitoring device on Diego’s phone line at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. The utility truck was parked at the end of SW 11th Terrace.  

Then we go to the country club where Michael stops Joey from shooting Erik. Thanks to Bradley Z, we know that this was filmed at Fairchild Tropical Gardens, 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables.

Next we see Michael and Erik meet with Fiona and Sam who are posing as hitters. Location unknown.

Then we go back to Michael’s where they prepare for the fake hit.

Then we see some quick flashes of the Calle Ocho area to establish the location then we see a business area including a pawn store. This was filmed in Hollywood Florida. We start off with the camera in front of the Transilvania Restaurant Club on South 20th Ave south of Hollywood Blvd. Shooting east north-east away from the Transilvania Restaurant Club.

Then we see Sam and Fiona arming themselves at the rear of Italiano Imports, 1920 Hollywood Blvd.  

Then we see them walking west thru the alley. The glass doors on the right that Fiona is walking by in the screen capture below are the exact same doors that we saw Jackie Gleason walking by as he directed the garbage truck out of his way in Smokey And The Bandit 3. The famous “you're clear on that side, you’re clear on this side.” scene.

Smokey and The Bandit (1983)

The scam goes well and Erik runs for his life, eastbound down the alley.

Next we see Sam following up at Erik’s office as his brother Quinn arrives. Location unknown.

Sam calls Michael who is driving with fiona. When we first see them they are traveling westbound on the MacArthur Causeway by the entrance to the Coast Guard Station.  

Then we see Michael pull a u-turn under the MacArthur Causeway at the west end of Watson Island. We get a nice view of Artie’s condo from the Miami Vice episode, Heart of Darkness.

As they head off we see where Michael had a meeting under the bridge with Quentin in episode 2, Identity.  Also where we saw Michael jogging at the start of episode 30, Question and Answer.

Then we see them westbound on Watson Island passing the Miami Outboard Club. We saw Michael being chased past here by Carla in episode 21, Good Soldier.

Then we see a couple more MacArthur Causeway cuts.

Then we see them prepare the “church” and clean up the area. This was filmed in the same spot in Hollywood where we saw them earlier on S. 20th Ave.

Next we see the gang at Carlito’s for drinks. Filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

After that Michael meets with Strickler on his boat.  Still docked near the studio.

The episode ends on the boat with Michael telling Strickler that he would work for him.



Red arrow below points to power plant that we saw at the start of the scene looming in the background.

Blue arrow points to the hangar.

Green=Artie’s condo

Blue= Drive by Miami Outboard club

Red= Drive by Coast Guard entrance

White= U-turn

Green arrow points to garage we see in the background at one point.

Red arrow points to where Michael was “working” on pole.

Blue arrow points to where we see Diego come around the corner and where we see Michael tap the line.


Then they decide to go back to Hallandale, which in real life is Hollywood. We see them drive by the “Pakistani Consulate”, Biscayne Blvd. and NE 20th Street.

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We see this location      in the movie, All About The Benjamins.

Goof: As Michael heads out he reaches his mark and falls on it, the rectangular sheet of stiff cardboard.

Then it cuts to show Erik running away. When it cuts back, clearly time has passed and Michael had gotten up, returned for filming and forgot his mark as he laid back down about 4 feet west of where he had fallen. The blood stained cardboard remains from the first take and is now clearly visible.

The next 4 cuts are interior shots that were shot at the studio.

As seen in Identity

As seen in Question and Answer

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


Mail: cglide@sffl.comcastbiz.net

Then Michael goes back up to Ft. Lauderdale to retrieve his computer from the airport.

The plan works and we return to April’s house in Coconut Grove.

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